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There's a new wave of roofing products on the market to combat the destruction from hail storms.

Asphalt is simply too weak to handle the impact from large hail stones traveling at 80-100 miles per hour. Even Class 4 shingles don't stand up to inch and a half or larger hail.

In the past, tile was the only somewhat cost-effective solution. It was the next step up from asphalt (in terms of cost), but for most asphalt neighborhoods, tile is not a great fit.

Metal and most synthetic products are incredibly expensive and take specialized crews to install.

A company out of the Dallas, TX area, F-Wave, came up with a solution that is both cost-effective AND delivers high performance against hail damage!

Their new REVIA synthetic shingles are both classy AND durable. And, it's installed similar to regular asphalt shingles which has allowed us to easily train our asphalt crews on how to install them properly.

A typical tile roof can take a week or two to install. Same with metal. Because F-Wave goes on like asphalt, these roofs can be completed in 1-2 days!

It's essentially hail proof! F-Wave passes both FM and UL testing for impact resistance and comes with a 5-year hail warranty! The warranty is guaranteed up to 2" hail, but they've successfully tested it up to 4".

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