Residential Roofing

The Last Roof You'll Ever Need!

If you're weary of constantly replacing your roof after every hailstorm, we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing F-Wave's revolutionary REVIA premium synthetic residential roofing shingles, engineered to be the most robust roofing product available. Not only will they enhance your home's curb appeal and longevity, but they also offer the potential for substantial insurance premium discounts!


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles dominate the roofing landscape in Colorado, offering a wide spectrum of choices. From the budget-friendly 30-year architectural design to the luxurious triple-laminate woodshake-look options, there's something for everyone.

For enhanced durability and protection, we highly recommend considering Class 4 (impact-resistant) versions, available for most designs. Our preferred shingle manufacturers are Atlas Roofing and GAF, renowned for their top-quality materials, support, and warranties. Of course, we are flexible and capable of installing any major brand should you have a specific preference.

Tile Roofing - Concrete and Clay

Tile roofing stands out as a superior choice among roofing materials. Its high-end appearance not only elevates the aesthetic of your home but also surpasses many costlier alternatives in performance. With a variety of styles and colors available, you can opt for the budget-friendly concrete tile or indulge in the custom-made luxury of clay tile. Tile roofing offers numerous advantages, including hail resistance and effective heat insulation for your attic.


Metal Roof Options

We provide an extensive range of metal roofing solutions, including standing seam, corrugated, and stone-coated steel. Metal roofing is a versatile choice, suitable for accent roofs and entire house installations. Its durability and stylish appeal make it an excellent investment, with a wide array of colors to complement your home's aesthetics.

Our team boasts highly skilled metal roofing experts dedicated to ensuring your roof is not only watertight but also showcases a crisp and pristine appearance. Count on us to deliver exceptional craftsmanship for your metal roofing project.

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